Älykkyys ja hiilineutraalisuus lyövät kättä päälle Kalasatamassa

Fiksu Kalasatama etenee! Lue Climate-KIC-pioneeriemme Lisan Gundelach’n ja Angela Santangelo’n kokemuksista Fiksun Kalasataman kehittämisestä.

The urban development of Helsinki Kalasatama proceeds. As part of Smart Sustainable District Climate KIC program, Kalasatama has been selected to be the area where sustainable systemic change at district level is going to be introduced in Helsinki. By 2030s, it will offer a home for about 25,000 residents and jobs for 10,000 people. But how to turn Kalasatama into a smart sustainable district?

A two-day workshop was carried out by Forum Virium Helsinki on 12.09.2017 and 13.09.2017 to give an answer to this question. For this about 40 experts from the City of Helsinki, HELEN, Climate KIC, universities from Helsinki, Munich and London and experts from the private sector have been invited to participate and contribute to this exceptional playing area for sustainability. The aim of the workshop was the definition of a roadmap for turning the area into a smart district.

How was the Smart Sustainable District process organized?

During the first day a set of indicators has been elaborated for future measurement of the sustainability performance of the smart district. As a result, two main goals have been set by the end of the day, namely high quality neighborhood and climate neutrality for Smart Kalasatama 2030. The following day focused consequently on innovative, smart solutions to reach the elaborated targets. Within working groups, innovative projects for Kalasatama have been identified together with the opportunity areas to work on. Experts were invited to indicate priority targets and to contribute to different fields as “Smart Energy”, “Smart Mobility”, “Blue Green City” and “Saving One More Hour a Day” as well as to create action plans for starting the implementation process of pilot projects. Between the working sessions, expert presentations were held to provide inspiration and to increase the knowledge exchange process.

The seeds for planting smart sustainability in Kalasatama have been spread. Good participation and inspiring discussions made the two-day workshop a success. Thank you to all who have participated!

More information: Smart Kalasatama

Lisa Gundelach and Angela Santangelo, Climate-KIC pioneers in Urban Environment Division

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