Adapting to climate change

Despite the mitigation measures of climate change, the climate is getting warmer, and communities have to adapt to the changing climate. Forecasting the climate and extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rains and storms, will bring many challenges to the cities in the future. In the long run, the average variations of climate variables, such as rising temperatures and sea levels, will require new adaptation measures.
What impacts will climate change have on the Helsinki region and how should we adapt to it? Adapting to climate change is mainly carried out through local operations and most of the adaption measures are covered by the cities’ jurisdiction.

Current Issues

iWater project creates high-quality and sustainable urban environment


The Climate change adaptation strategy presents the proposed procedures (to be updated in 2017)


BaltCICA-project – cities in the Baltic region have joined together for adaptation.


The Climate-Proof City Project – tools for sustainable urban planning.

The Baltic Sea Challenge – network for improving the state of the Baltic Sea


The Flood Strategy  presents the procedures required, in case of a flood.


The Run-off water strategy promotes the sustainable use of rain water and melting snow (to be updated in 2017)

Water services are prepared for floods and power failures.

Helsinki City Rescue Department  is there to help, if the flood waters fill cellars


Non-native species  may benefit from climate change. The Non-native species strategy is currently taking place.

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