Helsinki’s Climate Roadmap

Helsinki’s Climate Roadmap will be updated in spring 2018 according to the new climate objectives. The City Strategy moves up the target year for carbon neutrality by 15 years, from 2050 to 2035.

Helsinki’s Climate Roadmap sets out how Helsinki will become a carbon neutral and climate resilient city. Helsinki wants to become an active pioneer in climate protection – work to prevent climate change is not just vital at a global level, it is also in the interests of the citizens of Helsinki. The implementation of the Climate Roadmap’s measures will support the city’s strategy and help to make Helsinki an even better place to live, work, conduct business and visit. The Roadmap details what is needed of the people and City of Helsinki to adapt to carbon neutrality and climate change. It will encourage practical climate work, open up conversation and aid planning, while developing Helsinki’s climate work to make it even better and more interactive.

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